Word Games

play with words

One of my favorite place to play word games is:   play with words


Many game sites dealing with word usage actually help improve your brain….  At least that is what I tell myself when spending lots of time on the above link.  Hee hee heee

Sign on and play with me!

Vocabulary Quiz

Vocabulary Quiz

10 questions—see how your score compares.

Name That Thing

Name That Thing

The visual vocab quiz

Spell It

Spell It

The commonly misspelled words quiz

True Or False?

True Or False?

A quick quiz about stuff worth knowing

Word Winder CrossWinder CrossWinder

Solve the clues and wind the words. New game every day.

Add Diction Add Diction

Build a chain of words by adding one or two letters at each level to the word before.

Jumble Crossword Jumble Crossword

Unscramble letters to solve each clue. The clock is ticking!

L.A. Times Daily Crossword L.A. Times Daily Crossword

Challenge your knowledge and skill each day with a new puzzle from the L.A. Times.

Universal Daily Crossword Universal Daily Crossword

Puzzle lovers, this daily challenge is for you. Keep track of which puzzles you’ve solved, and your best times.

Scrabble SprintSCRABBLE® Sprint

Improve your SCRABBLE skills with this fast-paced, one-player take on the word lovers’ classic.

Daily Jumble Daily Jumble (Jumble Classic)

Unscramble the words to find the answer to the cartoon clue.

Deep Sea Word Search Deep Sea Word Search

Fish around for as many words as you can find.  The quicker you play, the bigger the bonus.

Eat Your Words Eat Your Words

Wasabi, crepe, macaroon. Find all the food-related words within the grid to win.

Fowl Words Fowl Words

A new barnyard game between you and seven hens. Spell as many words as you can before time runs out.

Fowl Words 2 Fowl Words 2

Spell the word that the eggs form before they fall off the conveyor belt. Unscramble the letters before time runs out.

Jumble Jong Jumble Jong

Clear the board by forming words from the tiles. Unscramble the bonus words for extra points.

Jumble Solitaire Jumble Solitaire

A new twist on an old favorite. Click on the cards to form words and solve the board.

Jumpin' Jumble Jumpin’ Jumble

Join the chain gang form a chain of interlocking words and score big points.

Letter Rip Letter Rip

Create as many words as you can before time runs out. Power Players can choose from over 100 puzzle levels.

Play 4 Play 4

Complete the grid by forming four-letter words from the clues. Beat the puzzle – and the clock.

Rootonym Rootonym

Master new words, one root at a time. We give you the root and four definitions, and you do the rest.

Universal Cryptogram Universal Cryptogram

Break the code to solve the puzzle. You have seven minutes and three hints to decipher a well known phrase.

Universal Word Search Universal Word Search

Find all the hidden words and beat the clock. Hide the clue list for an even greater challenge.

Up and Down Words Up & Down Words

A challenging word game where each answer provides a clue to the next word. Don’t trip up!

Wonderword Wonderword

Find all the hidden words. Beware they may run horizontally, vertically, diagonally–even backward.

Word Drop Word Drop

Vowels and consonants are stacking up fast – form as many words possible before the columns fill with letters.

Word Hunt Word Hunt

Scout out words in this challenging multi–level puzzle. You get only three hints, so use them wisely.

Wordo Wordo

Use your skills to find the hidden words in a world of tumbling tiles. Think quick –those tiles are tumbling fast!

Word Roundup Word Roundup

Howdy, partner lasso the words that fit the clues and solve the puzzle.

Word Ruffle Word Ruffle

Ruffle and shuffle letters around to spell as many words as you can. The clock is ticking!

Word Sodoku Word Sudoku

Fit each word in the grid so that every column, row, and block contains unique letters.

Word Vault Word Vault

Help the assistant bank manager by cracking the code! Find the words hidden and figure out the vault’s combination.

Writer’s Block Writer’s Block

3-D puzzle fun. Spin it, flip it, rotate it create as many words as possible using the letters on the block.



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