Dolores Hibbard

Dolores Hibbard.

About Nicole Sheldon

Marketing Professional Love the way blogs let you reach out with words to 1000's of others Currently updating my Communications/Marketing degree - Working on Internet Marketing Certification - Collin County College Hobbies: Reading motivational and philosphy books. Writing. Meditation. Talking. lol Loves: My dog, my husband, my family and friends, (In that order, lol), the mountains, Lake Tahoe, talking, writing, reading, learning, my new adventure in blogging and being able to communicate with such a wide audience of people!
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Additional websites in progress. Most current, from the start creation is, an acclaimed artist setting up her art gallery on line! Too many themes to choose from. Started with basic 2011 Theme adding plug ins at the suggestion of my Internet Media Professor. Considering switch to a custom site already programmed for artists. Any suggestions out there?

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