English: there is communication gap in humans ...

English: there is communication gap in humans but it’s always perfect in such insects- without wires fire ants communicating with each other (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Words have always been very interesting to me. The way they sound, their definitions, the way they describe things, even the way they look on paper. We use words to communicate. I know that sounds obvious but think about it. Words are used to convey a feeling, explain, inspire, inform, persuade, instruct, describe, express, the list goes on and on. And sometimes, and this is what I really dislike about words, there are times words can cause a lot of damage. Not to over use an old cliché, but did you ever wish you could “eat“your words? Whether words are spoken or written once those words are heard or read – you can’t take them back. That’s pretty serious. I am sure I am not alone when I tell you how many times I wished I had never let words come out of my mouth. For some of us this is a particularly difficult task. How about the saying, “Think before you speak”! Ever said to yourself, “If I had only thought through what I was going to say before I said it. If I had only paused for even just a moment and given those words some more thought about what the outcome would be. If only ….”


Communication (Photo credit: P Shanks)

How about words you use to describe your self?

When people meet you for the first time and/or when you meet others for the first time what do you want them to know about you? What do you want to know about them? Are you what you do for a living? Are you what your family status is? Are you where you are from? Are you what your personal beliefs are in a higher power (your religion)? What are some of the first questions people ask when they meet you?

I am often tempted to answer these first meeting questions with something shocking or unexpected. For some reason it bothers me to have the old standard replies. Maybe we should explain ourselves in a way we would like to be viewed. Or who we would like ourselves to be. For example, at the time of this writing, I am basically “self-employed”. I am in the enlightenment stage (lol). Another words I am once again, at the time of this writing, working on another certification, Internet Marketing. Wow, what a plethora of information that constantly changes. I should like to say in answer to the question what do you do for a living – – – I do a variety of tasks in a variety of fields. What do you want me to be doing?

What words encompass a good representation of who you are? What you do for a living? What your hobbies are? How would you begin to define yourself? Of course it depends on the situation. If you were on a job interview you might not tell the interviewer the same thing you would tell someone you were meeting at a party. Or maybe you would. Interviewer: “Tell me a little bit about yourself” – – – I really need to practice my response for that questions. I am always tempted to say something like “I am whomever you need me to be!”

Words – We Reach With Words. We express ourselves with words. And unfortunately we wish we could eat our words. Once they are out we cannot take them back. Hmmm. Should we put more thought into our words?

When people meet you for the first time and/or when you meet others for the first time what words do you use to describe who you are? What do you want to know about them? Are you what you do for a living? Are you what your family status is? Are you where you are living. Your hobbies. Are you what your spiritual beliefs are?  Your political affiliations.  Are you honest?  Do you describe who you are in the eyes of others or your own.  Are you someone different depending on who you are meeting?  What do people REALLY want to know about you and how far are you willing to go to tell them.  Let’s face it there are some things about yourself or your affiliations not all people would understand or look favorably on.

A favorite professor of mine once told me, “You are an actor on a stage when you walk in the room for an interview. You rehearse and practice your words for this important chance at a job. You read them carefully and try to figure out what magical words they are looking for.” Why? Why can’t both the interviewer and the interviewee just be honest? Wouldn’t it save a lot of time, money, and energy if we could just be real with each other? Words, words, words… The Words should match the actions.

There is a fine line between being honest and being socially acceptable. Honesty, humility, openness, “being real”, there is a time and a place for these things. And as the saying goes, “Some things are better left unsaid.” Words, it’s all about words. Words you say, words said to you, words you write, words you read. Let’s all try to use our words to the best of our abilities. Let’s try to express thoughts, feelings, knowledge with REAL, HONESTY, quality words, words that encourage, uplift, whenever possible.

I know there are other ways to express or communicate feelings, thoughts, passions, but words are the primary way we communicate. Let’s value them.

Thanks for reading. Please share some words with us. Most of the pages on this website have a place for sharing comments. But the main area is the page on top titled “Blogs & Suggestions”.

Before you read the next words, please know that I am not against the progress of technology in communication. And I am really not ancient, but I remember a time in which hours might be spent composing a letter before it was actually delivered to someone, especially in business. The manager would spend time thinking about the message he wanted to convey. Taking the person to whom he would be delivering this letter into consideration. Now we call it studying the demographics of the person or people to whom we are sending out these words. We would want to “speak their language”. And most times we would want to convey professionalism. So the manager would write or dictate what he wanted to say. I would type it out in a rough draft, double spaced. He/she would reread his words and usually make some revisions. I would type it again, careful to not make any errors in grammar, punctuation and God forbid, NO TYPOS! Because back then you were using a thing called a typewriter! Some of you may have never used one. But if you made a mistake often times you would have to type the document all over again! Sometimes this letter or document would be typed several times over and reviewed by more than one person before it was even mailed out! This written form of communication was more than just words on paper. It was many times the recipient’s first impression of your business. There are still times written communication or documents have this much thought and time put into them, but not much anymore. Typo’s, who cares? It’s not my fault spell check didn’t catch it, besides most of the written communication I see from the other person has typos and abbreviations and often times spell check picks a word you never intended to use! There very possibly will be typos on this web page. Shame on me. I have a Communications and Journalism degree. I should know better than to just spit something out on the computer without checking it over a few times. But hey, who has the time for that now?

It is great that these days so much time is saved by the latest technology. But sometimes there are negative effects to the speed in which we send out our words.

English: This is the infamous And sometimes we must keep our words to ourselves. Sometimes we have the right to remain silent.

Tell us about times you wish you would’ve kept your words to yourself on the Thoughts Page.


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